The Cesanese di Piglio is the only D.O.C.G. wine in Lazio. Piglio is easily reachable from Rome, as it is located on the border between the province of Naples and the northern part of Ciociaria. Visiting Piglio during the Cesanese Festival is the best opportunity to immerse yourself in the real life of the locals, in a cheerful and convivial atmosphere.

Cesanese Piglio DOCG

In my wanderings between festivals, events and culinary festivals, I had the enormous pleasure of tasting the Cesanese di Piglio, a well-known D.O.C.G. wine that is produced in Piglio, a small village in the province of Frosinone, in the territory of the Roman Countryside.

Festival of Cesanese di Piglio

festival cesanese wine in Piglio
Wine Festival


The first weekend of October, in fact, in the village every year there is a huge party in honor of the Cesanese di Piglio wine, and for this occasion tradition is mixed with conviviality and the old cellars of the historic center are open to all.

Within this festival there are numerous exhibitors every year who show traditional products of animal husbandry, agriculture and local crafts, accompanied by large quantities of wine and dance and Italian folk music, with songs and dances of local tradition.

The annual festival first began in 1973 to celebrate the beginning of the harvest and over time it has become a real opportunity for meeting friends and having fun with numerous spectators, local and foreign.

During the festival it is also possible to visit the Castello del Piglio, inside which are often exhibitions of vintage photographs and paintings, while in the historic center there are local crafts and re-enactments of ancient village traditions. All framed and crowned by folklore ensured by the typical customs and traditions of Ciociaria and the parade of allegorical floats.

It was a wonderful experience for me to participate in this festival and also a unique opportunity, to visit a place in Ciociaria, which I did not know very well.

Taste Cesanese di Piglio DOCG

Cesanese di Piglio D.O.C.G. is a ruby red wine and I had the honor of tasting it inside the oldest cellar of the Ciociaria, which is one of the most important and historical marks of the Cesanese di Piglio D.O.C.G.: the Cesanese Community Winery in Piglio. This structure is an important point of reference for all winemakers in this area of the Ciociaria.

My stop in this beautiful winery (and winery shop) was made more enjoyable not only by tasting this delicious wine, but also thanks to the accompaniment of tasty donuts that together with many other local products of excellence such as cheeses,meats, desserts, bread and focaccia, made this experience truly unforgettable, especially for my taste buds!

Chatting with locals who were inside the cellar, I was told that the Cesanese di Piglio is today the only red wine from Lazio that has won the recognition of D.O.C.G. and that it is a wine whose fame is growing considerably, even representing one of the most interesting and important excellences of central Italy.

I did not know this red wine at all, with violet reflections and strong and decisive flavor, but I must say that it was a pleasant surprise! I was told to accompany it in particular with cheese, meat dishes (such as grilled meats or baked lamb), rice or pasta. Moreover, something very important, even if it is a wine of over 12 degrees, it does not inebriate too much, as it is a truly genuine wine.

In short, I can say that my visit to Ciociaria was really more than pleasant: I discovered enchanting places, where adorable and above all simple people live. But the area has a lot to tell and pass on to its future generations, and the Cesanese di Piglio, which has its roots in the past, is its delightful testimony!