Will I be able to leave? But can I book a trip now? What if …? How many times in this “strange” 2020 have we asked ourselves these and other questions?

❓ Can I book a trip now?

✅ Of course yes! Take advantage and choose the place you like best before everyone else. In some places, advance booking is required because seats are limited due to Covid. Even a SPA, a museum or a particular experience requires advance booking to ensure maximum safety.

❓ What will happen if I can’t leave due to the health emergency?

✅ No problem! For bookings before January 31, 2021, we are guaranteeing a full refund of 100% of the reservation. And we are organizing to guarantee other forms of refund throughout 2021. Book safely.

Are hotels safe? And flights? And trains?

✅ Each hotel is 100% safe because it complies with all the rules provided by the safety protocols. The Italian airports are among the safest in the world, indeed, the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome was elected “Best Airport in the World” for safety by Covid 19. For months now, the Rome-Milan route has been operated with flights ” covid-free “. The same goes for trains, where for long-distance trains only 50% of the space is guaranteed to passengers so as not to create crowds. 

Cruises, usually with 3000/4000 passengers, are making trips with 500/1000 people. 

In addition to security, you also have more freedom and no lines.

❓But can I go on excursions? It is not dangerous?

✅ All our experiences are safe. 

Museums guarantee minimum distance, continuous sanitation and a maximum number of visitors. (For this it is best to book in advance). Visits to historical places are carried out in compliance with the rules. Our SPA have a maximum number of guests and are completely sanitized every 4 hours. 

Fewer people = more freedom, more security.