The Roman Countryside is generous with fruit from which it is usage to obtain delicious artisanal jams. Today there is the opportunity to witness the production process of jam and then proceed to a tasting in conjunction with other local products, especially good bread cooked in wood and delicious cheeses.

What we want to tell you, is a special experience: a tasting of jams made from the genuine fruits of the Roman Countryside.

tasting jam of the roman countryside
jam of the roman countryside

Everything takes place in one of the countries southeast of Rome, inside the “orchard” of a farm specialized in the production of this typical product.

This farm produces jams, marmalades, fruit juices and 100% natural vegetable creams. The products used come from crops grown in their own land, harvested from spontaneous crops or from other small productions of neighboring farms.

Production and tasting of jams

Once arrived at the farm, the tour is organized through a path of welcoming guests with an explanation of the particular production process of vacuum cooking at low temperatures.

Then we proceed with a tasting of jams in combination with bread and / or cheese according to a finely processed association. The time of the visit to the farm and the tasting varies according to the number of participants: 40 minutes for up to 10 people and 50-50 minutes for larger groups.

You can request the inclusion of this activity in our Grand Tour of the Roman Countryside.