In the heart of the hills of Piglio, an area of ​​excellence of Cesanese, some friends have decided to give substance to their passion and experience a winery that today has become famous and renowned.

What we offer, in our Grand Tour of the Rome Countryside, is a tasting with a visit to the wineries and vineyards of this company.

Time has proved them right, rewarding with a qualitatively superior productionthe fruit of the thirteen hectares cultivated in Cesanese di Affile, the noble vineyard from which austere wines such as the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG ClassicoSuperiore and Superiore Riserva are produced.

Taste Wine

Care and respect for the land, recovery of native vineyards, enhancement of culture, tradition and ancient teachings, intelligent use of modern oenological technologies. These are the strong points thanks to which the company has been able to conquer in a very short time an elite position as a producer of two of the most renowned native wines of Lazio.

In this beautiful cellar, the selected grapes are harvested by hand, scrupulously following the maturation times in the vineyard. After the care of the vineyard, for the best quality of the grapes from a health point of view, vinification is the most important moment in the process that allows to obtain wines of great thickness and elegance.

Fermentation is carried out in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, in order to preserve the aromatic and organoleptic values ​​of the fruit.

Refinement takes place in the traditional way in large French oak barrels, while the Reserve rest in barrique.

The visits to the Cellar

The first solution includes a technical and guided tasting of five wines for company selection and visits to the winery in groups of at least 6 people

Or you can take part in a guided tour of the winery, followed by a walk in the vineyard of the Cesanese autochthonous and the tasting of three wines, combined with a single dish rich in selection of regional and seasonal specialties.

Third possibility, a complete meal consisting of:

  • Appetizer selection of local meats and cheeses and seasonal vegetables
  • a first and a second course of tradition
  • Dessert and Coffee

Each course finds a perfect match with the wines.

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