A tour of selected vineyards in the Roman countryside,to discover wine and local products as we tell you about the history of these popular wines and their producers.

Towns such as Frascati, Marino and othersin the Castelli Romani area are very well known, and the tradition of producing wine there is centuries old. But often visitors are surprised to learn that many of the restaurants in Rome serve wine from the Roman countryside, including wine from Olevano Romano, with its red wine called Cesanese, and from Zagarolo and Gallicano nel Lazio with their white wines.

We would like to bring you to this area, where our story leads us into the country and on a tour of the Roman vineyards…

Wine Tasting in Rome

vineyards tour in the roman countryside

Rome is known and appreciated by tourists from all over the world for its excellent food and wine (the famous “romanella”) that can be enjoyed in the characteristics areas of TrastevereTestaccio and other historic districts. Not everyone knows, however, that the wine served in the local Roman inns and taverns comes from theRoman countryside.

Just near Rome there are producers who make excellent wine. White, red or sparkling, from each plot of land grows this delicious fruit whose transformation into wine has been appreciated since antiquity even by the ancient Romans.

Towns such as FrascatiMarino and othersin the Castelli Romani area are very well known, and the tradition of producing wine there is centuries old. But often visitors are surprised to learn that many of the restaurants in Rome serve wine from the Roman countryside, including wine from Olevano Romano, with its red wine called Cesanese, and from Zagarolo and Gallicano nel Lazio with their white wines.

We would like to bring you to this area, where our story leads us into the country and on a tour of the Roman vineyards  immerse you in the friendly and family-like atmosphere of these farms that boast an age-old winemaking tradition.

Get to know the story of the producers and their wines, and a truly unique and exciting reality. Through their stories you will feel their love of this land and the grapes that are harvested each year. You will be led into centuries-old vineyardswhere, in contact with nature, you will be able to learn about the techniques of cultivating and selecting grapes. You will enter characteristic cellars where wine is preserved and refined in wooden barrels and aged in bottles. Treat you palate to a delightful tasting of Roman wines accompanied by the traditional flavors of the Roman countryside. And above all, learn to recognize a good wine, so when you want to buy a bottle at home you will be able to select the best.


vineyards tour
vineyards tour

The tour of the Roman vineyards begins in Zagarolo, a land dedicated to the cultivation of grapes, from where a remarkable white wine is obtained; the typical romanella pales in comparison and seems like nothing more than a freshly bottled wine.

To welcome us to one of the most characteristic wine cellars of the countryside of Rome is Nicoletta, sommelier and business manager of the family farm, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the hostess’s ability to make people feel comfortable.

Nicoletta, with her perfect English, will first lead you on a visit to the vineyard and recount the farm’s fascinating history. Then you will be led into a unique cellar dug into the tuff20 meters deep into the earth, where barrels and bottles rest as keepers of a wine that improves day by day and year by year.

A special characteristic of this Roman producer is the sparkling wine made here. It’s a real unicum, and not a typical product of the Lazio Region. Nicoletta is able to seize the best from her grapes and produce the best sparkling brut that is also appreciated in the Italian and international levels of the industry.

The first tasting takes place in the wine cellar, where you can toast to your health with a glass of the sparkling wine.

Then you will go to the tasting room where you can try the other wines produced here, if desired, wines from  Lazio or from other Italian regions. All accompanied bytraditional dishes that change from time to time depending on the time of year and what vegetables are in season.

It is at this time that you will learn how to taste a wine, how to recognize if it is good and how to feel the flavors and aftertaste that inebriates the senses of the wine taster. The experience is complete at 360 degrees, different from traditional wine tastings. And for a day you will feel like farmers, winemakers, and sommeliers.


The Cesanese is a red wine, comparable to a wild foal that has to be tamed for being ridden. The vinification of the Cesanese DOC is challenging, you have to know how to tame the tannin that otherwise is so strong that it dominates the rest of the good aromas that this wine releases. In the past, thousands of liters of Cesanese wine moved from Olevano Romano to the tables of Osterie and Trattoriein Rome and still today every good restaurant serving traditional dishes has a good Cesano wine on its wine list.

For this reason, our tastings are done only in selected wine cellars who have learned over the years how to bottle Cesanese and maintain that velvety, dry, full bodied, soft and harmonious flavour.

The proposed wine tasting takes place in the charming farmhouse of a wine producer in Olevano Romano, where the sommelier speaks English. Here you will be guided through the company’s history, visit its historic vineyards where in October the selected clusters of Cesanese grapes make a great show saturating the landscape with their distinctive violet color in contrast to the leafy greenery.

The appetising combination of Cesanese wine with traditional local products, including “Ventricina”, a delicious local salami, a fresh oven-baked bread and extra virgin olive oil that has been produced from nearby olive groves”. Here you can taste the 3 Cesanese wines from the wine cellar: DOC, DOC Reserve and IGT Rosato. Of course, for a more complete tasting, you will also be able to taste Cesanese wines from other local producers, all selected according to high quality standards.


So, given that the wine served in Rome comes from the nearby Roman countryside, this vineyard tour offers some of the best tasting experiences in Lazio. Not only wine tasting but authentic experiences in communion with the producers of the area. And we are sure that this experience will stay forever in your heart.