In the countryside of Rome there is the largest amusement park in Lazio. The Rainbow Magicland of Rome Valmontone that with its 38 attractions offers every year laughter and fun.

Rainbow Magicland. Rome Amusement Park

The Rainbow Magicland playground is located in Valmontone, just in front of another great attraction: the Valmontone Outlet, the kingdom of shopping with over 180 stores.

The Valmontone Rainbow Magicland playground opens every year on the Saturday before Easter and closes the day after Halloween.

Inside, everything speaks of magic, this being a theme park for this topic. The mascots are the Gattobaleno and the Winx Fairies, who usually go around the park ready to be photographed with many new little friends.

Inside the park, there are 4 theaters, where every day take place various shows, some exciting, some of pure fun.

Among the most relevant attractions we find:

  • Shock, roller coaster able to accelerate from 0 to 100 Km / h in 2 seconds
  • Mystica, a 72 meter high fall tower
  • Demonia, a fantastic Horror House
  • Cagliostro, the castle where the magician was locked up (Indoor Roller Coaster)
  • The Rapids, attraction on board of Viking ships
  • Yucatan, aquatic attraction in an ancient Mayan temple
  • Untik 5D, a videogame in which the protagonists are you
  • The Flying Dutch, roller coaster enriched with virtual reality
  • Naval Battle, in the central lake of the park aboard galleons
  • Maison Houdini, the crazy house of the most famous illusionist in the world

For the little ones we find a whole series of fun attractions to do with their parents in the “Mondo dei Piccoli“.

Your family fun is right here … in the Roman Countryside!

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