The tradition of the Roman countryside has its roots in antiquity, when everything was overheated on agriculture. In particular, the cultivations of vineyards and olive groves very flourishing. And today we just want to talk about the oil, starting with a tasting at a local mill.

The Olive Oil of the Roman Countryside

oilive oil of rome countryside
Rome Countryside – San Vito Romano

The extra-virgin olive oil of the Rome countryside comes from a particular autochthonous variety called “rosciola“. On the territory there are also other types of olive trees, but the rosciola is the most widespread.

The fruit is small and, when ripe, is purple. Despite its size, its yield is good.

Particularly important, the rosciola is very resistant to atmospheric agents and to the attacks of plant diseases. This means that the oil obtained from it is always of the highest quality.

Olive Oil tasting in the oil mill

On the tour of the Roman countryside, you can also choose to include a tasting of good local oil directly in a real oil mill, where every year the farmers bring their olives to press them and get the golden nectar that is obtained.

If it happens in October, however, it is also possible to participate in the olive harvest, side by side with the local farmers.

The Olive Harvest together with the Locals

harvesting of the olives
The participants will have the pleasure of carrying out manual harvesting of the olives directly in the field, just as they used to be, with the use of a wicker basket.

Than we will bring the harvest to the company’s oil mill. Here they can experience the transformation of the olives into oil and to follow the bottling.

To conclude tasting of farm products.


Suitable clothing: Trekking shoes
Options: possibility to have a packed lunch directly in the olive grove