As of June 3, 2020, Italy reopens its borders to the countries of the Schengen area, including Switzerland and Monaco. It will therefore be possible for foreign visitors to enter our territory without having to undergo the 14 days of quarantine currently scheduled.

The initiative, aimed at restarting tourism, will therefore allow travelers to return to discover the wonders of Italy, without however renouncing the main security measures. As we have seen, it is in fact about to change the way we travel.

While the main Italian airports return to open their terminals, simultaneously studying a protocol suitable to guarantee passengers to fly safely, airlines will have precise security measures to be respected: according to what was announced by the EU, on board it will not be necessary leave empty seats between passengers, but the mask and any other protective device that will be deemed suitable must be used. As for other public means of transport, on the other hand, the number of travelers on board will have to be reduced to ensure social distancing.

These measures are in effect until June 15th. After this date, tourism to some non-EU countries is also likely to be reactivated.