The dark heart of Rome - Facts, Legends and Mysteries - Private Tour

All the places that hide behind them legends, are listed below, for a tour dedicated to the most curious or those who are not satisfied with the official historical versions.

Rome is the city where history interlaces with legend.

Legend tells that Rome was founded in 753 BC. from two twins, Romulus and Remus, sons of the God Mars, and descended from a Trojan hero, Aeneas, who fled to the destruction of his city.

Romulus traced the boundaries of the city on the Palatine Hill and killed his twin brother Remus because he did not respect its borders, becoming the first King of Ancient Rome.

The legend developed only after the birth of the city and has come to us thanks to authors who lived about eight centuries later; it is very difficult for historians to reconstruct its history in detail, since the writings inherent to it are very limited.

Beyond the legend, the birth of Rome is very humble: during the II millennium, populations of Indo-European origin settled in Italy, among them the Latins occupied the coasts and a part of the Lazio hinterland.

The villages of the Latins were built in many areas of Rome as on the hills of Aventino, Palatino, Campidoglio and Quirinale populating the city, whose position facilitated its growth and expansion.

The legends, myths and mysteries about Rome are a real cultural heritage, as for example what is said about the Colosseum is that in ancient times it was considered a door of the underworld, inside which the spirits of slaves and gladiators killed from the emperors wandered in search of eternal peace.

From Campo dei Fiori to Piazza Farnese, up to Via Giulia, Via del Governo Vecchio and Castel Sant'Angelo, we continue to discover the darker side of the city.

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