Photo Walk: photographic tour of Rome and surroundings

A photo walk is a theme walk through Rome's most fascinating sights with a camera to explore and to better understand the territory you're visiting.

Our photo walks are designed to: 

- take pictures of the most interesting archaelogical/historical areas of Rome and its   surrondings, according to your personal inspiration talent or assisted by our photo guides;

- discover the history, art and life of Rome and its people;

- enhance your personal vision, creativity and photographic technique when travelling    with a digital camera; 

- have fun together with your companions;

- be photographed by us, if you wish.

A basic knowledge of your equipment (advanced cell phones camera, DSLRs and compact camera) is needed. Comfortable clothing like trekking shoes are advisable.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Acqueducts of Rome

A Photowalk is a walk through the most fascinating places in Rome equipped with a camera to explore and better understand the area you are visiting. You can do it yourself or accompanied by expert photowalkers. The itineraries we recommend are the following.

The Tiber tells...........

The Tiber river is the soul of Rome and has accompanied the life of the Romans since ancient times. For fans of photography has always been a source of admiration. Along the Tiber you can capture fabulous shots. Bridges, islands, sandy beaches and charming views await you for a pleasant photographic walk with professional photographers. It's called Photo Walk and translates into emotions. Check out our photo itineraries on the Tiber.


The Appian Way

Nothing in the world is like the ancient Via Appia in Rome. An exceptionally preserved street that speaks of history at every step. What we propose is a photographic walk (photowalking) along this historic road, to capture images that you could not capture anywhere else in the world.

Michelangelo in Rome

The name of Michelangelo is connected to a series of works that have given it to the history of art, some of which are known all over the world and considered among the most important works of Western art: the David, the Pieta of the Vatican, the Dome of St. Peter or the cycle of frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are considered unsurpassable goals of creative ingenuity. This photographic tour wants to retrace its footsteps.