Ostia Antica

Gods, Cults and Religions 

Departure to Ostia located south of the capital at approximately 30 km distance. Upon arrival in Ostia Antica, visit of the Archaeological Site Ostia Antica which shows a great part of the remains of this Roman port that has been excavated during the 19th and 20th century. Together with the public monuments, many private homes have been preserved and give us an idea of daily life in ancient times.

Visit the Theatre, one of the most important and fascinating structures on the site which was even used for shows on water. It can contain 4000 persons and is still used for shows and concerts.

Visit of the Necropolis which lies outside of the walls of the town on the via Ostiense, as it was tradition in Rome.

Free lunch.

Remaining in the archaeological site of Ostia Antica, visit the Domus of Amore and Psiche, the Temple of Hercules and the Synagogue. The discovery of the latter in the early sixties of the 20th century was a great sensation because it is the most ancient synagogue of which remains have been found in Europe.

Return to Rome.


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