Jewish Ghetto, Tiberina Island & Trastevere

A pleasant walk in Trastevere

Sometimes taking a break from the crowd, fleeing from traffic and exploring places outside the classic tourist itineraries is not a bad idea: it does not matter to give value to what is popular, more visited and known, it is important to add to all this also what is not sufficiently known.

Many tourists do not even know the existence of Roman neighborhoods such as the Jewish Ghetto, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Italy and in Europe.

Substituted to be part of the city, in the past it was completely surrounded by a wall, as if those who lived in it wanted to define the boundaries of a neighborhood in relation to the rest.

Here, in addition to making an escape from the typical attractions of Rome, what is really interesting is to note the difference between the Christian basilicas (of which Rome is full) and the Synagogue, the heart of the ghetto, built in 1904.

The Jewish Ghetto is connected via the Fabricio Bridge to the Tiber Island, mainly occupied by the Fatebenefratelli hospital from the fifteenth century, the island offers an enchanting walk through the its gardens and characteristically medieval buildings.

The Tiber Island is a real island that rises in the middle of the Tiber between the two sides of the city, from here the perspective changes and Rome does not appear chaotic as outside it, but can be looked at from a new point of view to discover.

Located in the warm heart of the capital, close to Trastevere, a district of Rome rich in history.

The Basilica of S. Maria in Trastevere is one of the precious gems of the city, within which it is possible to find splendid mosaics that allow everyone to enter almost in a sort of parallel universe: in fact, from the typically medieval and ancient village, you will enter into a sacred and silent place that can be considered one of the innermost demonstrations of the power and eternity of art.

Wherever you go, Rome gives you the chance to remain breathless: there are hidden sites and monuments, however, that are not yet "prey" of tourism and that lead you to dream far away.

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