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Day Trips Outside Rome

If you are planning to make a one-day trip you will find here a great range of holidays in Rome surroundings area.
If you want to discover more of the region, step outside the city centre and you will find one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, rich in culture and history.
Rome is surprisingly close to the sea and the hills and you don't have to travel far to appreciate completely diverse scenery.
Lazio is full of sites of enormous archaeological interest, between these, the ancient Etruscan settlement of Cerveteri, the "city of the dead" and although much is still to be excavated, you could spend hours getting lost among the remants of a lost civilisation.
If you want to drink good wine, you can take a stroll in Frascati, well loved by Romans, a beautiful and historic hilltop town.
Just to the east of Rome, you will find the famously Tivoli, home to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana.
And let's not forget the Roman Countryside, a place that will allow you to make many real-life experiences alongside the locals: cooking classes, cheese preparation, honey, jams, bread, biscuits and much more.
And then Fiuggi, Orvieto, Ostia, Viterbo, Tuscany, Pompei and Ciociaria.
In short, Rome is something you can't miss, but if you have the opportunity to visit the surroundings, you will go back home with a greater appreciation for the authentic side of Italy.

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