Countryside Experiences

Week End of Taste

Savoring the Roman Countryside........

The Roman Countryside .........a beautiful discovery!

You will never get tired of visiting it!


Take it Easy

Culture, Good Food and Fun .... all at once!


Live like a Local

Live in full the Roman Countryside

Cesanese DOC Wine Tasting

Experience and Passion for a Superlative Wine of the Roman Countryside


Countryside Cooking Class

How to prepare real Homemade Italian Pasta

In a prestigious restaurant in the Roman countryside, present on the Slow Food Italian Osterie Guide, will take place the most beautiful cooking class in which you have ever participated.

Making Cheese

Are you ready to prepare the cheese of the roman countryside?

Unique experience with a true Italian shepherd


Making the typical Giglietto!

The Typical Biscuit of the Roman Countryside. Learn to prepare it too.

This cooking class will teach you how to prepare the Giglietto, the typical biscuit of the Roman countryside.
Grandma Erminia and her companions await you in an old oven.

Dreaming the Roman Countryside

A lovely Week End in the heart of roman countryside!


Chocolate Lovers Tour

A very sweet experience!

Discover how cocoa is harvested and turned into chocolate and enjoy the sweetest tasting that exists.

Olive Oil Tasting

Harvest and Tasting of the Olive Oil in the Roman Countryside


Jams Tasting

A 100% natural delicacy ..... the Jam!

Jams tasting in the Roman Countryside.

Flying in the Sky

The longest Angel Flight in the World!


One Day in the Roman Countryside

A Countryside Experience

A tour to discover the Rome countryside, its history and its traditions. An exclusive tour by "Italy Where Else", away from the beaten track of mass tourism. Something unique for real travelers.

Week End in SPA

A weekend in relaxation!


Relax and Wellness

All that you need.......

Regenerating baths, tastings, Yoga, Cooking Class and relaxing walks in the heart of the Rome countryside. Discover the program of this Relaxation Tour.