One of the wonders of Lazio is undoubtedly the Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo, also known as the Garden of the Monsters. This enchanting place, located in the northern part of Lazio, has ancient origins. Behind its construction lies a terrible story and today, it can be called a wonderful garden of horrors. Discover it with us.

Bomarzo is known by various names: Monster ParkMonster GardenGarden of Horrors. Despite these non-edifying appellations, actually today the Bomarzo Park is a wonderful place to visit, where you can spend a nice day outdoors and breathe clean air, surrounded as it is by all the green of the Lazio Apennines.

The History of the Gardens of Bomarzo

The park of the monsters of Bomarzo was designed by Pietro Ligorio, a well-known architect who completed the Basilica of San Pietro after the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The park was commissioned in the 16th century by Prince Pier Francesco, from the noble family of the Orsini princes, to vent the anger and sadness that had invaded him after the death of his beloved wife Giulia Farnese. It took him 25 years, just to study the classic works from which to draw inspiration for the realization of the Gardens of the Monsters of Bomarzo.

The garden is full of sculptures carved in gigantic “peperino” blocks, representing giant animals, monsters, mermaids, Roman goddesses and heroes of classical Greek culture. To be appreciated, entering in, the leaning house, which today is the greatest fun of tourists who crowd the park every day. And naturally, among all the works the funeral Mausoleum of wife Giulia stands out.


Our visit to the Bomarzo Park

We believe that almost all the inhabitants of Lazio have gone to the gardens of Bomarzo at least once. Or maybe not. Beautiful things are not very fashionable lately and for many people it is better to chat with the smartphone than spend a day outdoors surrounded by many wonders.

We have been there, on a pleasant spring day, as it is always in Lazio.

As soon as you entered, the park of Bomarzo was immediately a clean and well cared for place. Although there had been a lot of people visiting that day, we were able to fully enjoy it.

You can follow it through paths marked by a road that at times divides, indicating other wonders to see.


Bomarzo the Monsters Park
Bomarzo the Monsters Park

The park amazes for its gigantic sculptures and for some others that represent themonsters of the imagination of the ancients and becomes a unique photographic set to take beautiful souvenir photos.

The moment we had the most fun was when we entered the “leaning house” where we had to fight gravity to walk in a straight line without being transported to the wall.