Breakfast in the Vatican, Skip the Line Museums and St. Peter

An unusual breakfast

Typically, for every tourist who comes to Rome it is rare to have the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums and the Basilica of San Pietro behind closed doors.

There is nothing more ideal than a buffet breakfast in the Cortile della Pigna, unique and never silent as now: how to start the day in a better way?

While other tourists are still waiting for the opening of the entrance at the ticket offices, you will be served an Italian-American buffet of sweets, meats, cheeses, hot food and pancakes.

There are few days during which it is possible to visit the Vatican in these silent and relaxing terms, usually the crowds of tourists are immense and crowded inside places.

But like all beautiful things and so full of emotions and values ​​it would be a real shame to have to visit them with the anxiety of the queue, and the crowd: in this tour you will have time and way to appreciate every detail and work of art.

The Vatican Museums are owners of priceless beauties and works of art, such as Michelangelo's Last Judgment and the Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.

Every step inside its courtyards and its rooms is a dream, a daydream and once back outside it will be difficult to return to reality both mentally and physically.

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